Why Xentra

Come and take a look at some of the reasons our customers love working with Xentra and discover a client-focused experience when investing in impactful technology.

Evolving your tech infrastructure together

Investment in technology, whether to solve a problem, improve visibility of data or ensure compliance is an ever-evolving landscape. Those needs might not be your needs in the future, so it is important to look at innovative and progressive technologies for the future. Xentra work in collaboration with our clients to provide solutions for the future, not just for todays problems.


Xentra is collective of industry experts, coming together to combine our expertise as an extension of your IT Department. Our team has decades of experience which spans multiple industries and technology specialisms. Together we want to ensure that the adoption of new technology enables our clients to surpass their goals


From planning stages, to execution – Xentra is there every step of the way. Understanding your driving factors for your technology investment allows us to advise on ideal solutions, demonstrate the value to all stakeholders through a proof of concept and then deliver seamlessly. With ongoing technical support, customer success management and critical data analysis to determine an ROI on your investment, we ensure that your aspirations become reality


Multiple award-winning technology deployments, including Best Educational Technology & Best Technology Security Innovation provide evidence of the success of our client projects. We work with a number of Gartner & G2 leading vendors to ensure we have the best technology portfolio available for our customers and with an average 97% CSAT score, we make sure our customers can come to us for help whenever they need

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Explore our webinars

Cyber Security Awareness Training in UK Education

Join Xentra and Boxphish as we discuss how effective cyber security training is transforming security behaviours and helping UK schools mitigate risk.

AI vs AI - Turning Threats Against Each Other

Join Xentra and ActZero as we explore the latest generative AI and and how these technologies are transforming cyber security.

KCSIE Planning & Communication

Join Xentra & Securly to discuss ongoing changes to the Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) guidance and how to communicate within your school.

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Working with Xentra

Here’s how we start every conversation, by listening to what you need to achieve. From here, we can follow the steps in our engagement model to ensure a success model for your technology investment and an ongoing cadence of data point reviews to ensure optimal performance at all times


Assess the customer requirement, risk factors & desired outcomes


Plan the technology deliver, products & services included and structure success criteria - Risk, Budget, Resource


Prove the value of the proposition through a cadence of success criteria management & service delivery


Deploy the agreed upon solutions, introduce key stakeholders & include in customer journey


Perform to exceed outcomes, high support SAT scores, roviding dataled evidence & nurturing customer engagement and relationship


Assess ongoing posture, gaps and potential up-sell/cross-sell opportunities by enhancing relationship with Xentra

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