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Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus is an important benchmark for organisations and is a great way to evidence that you are taking the right steps to deliver a safe cyber security posture. Xentra can work with you to ensure you achieve your accreditations which can be beneficial for Cyber Insurance claims and cost savings to ensure you are implementing benchmarked procedures at your organisation.

Microsoft 365 tenant review

M365 provides you with a number of powerful tools which are central to business operations. Ensuring the security of your tenants to monitor best practices and deliver high security scores can mean your organisation is not at threat of a potential breach. A regular cadence of review can be put in place to guarantee best practices.

Cyber Security Reviews

Xentra perform a managed cyber security review process for our customers, which follows on from our original gap analysis of your infrastructure to keep a documented process which details the adoption of new technologies and processes whilst working with us. Documenting this process ensures your team remain up to date on procedures and allows you to demonstrate to leadership how you are working to retain a strong cyber security practice.


ISO 27001 is another important and recognised security standard which can be beneficial when gaining Cyber Security Insurance and to demonstrate your internal principles to keeping your organisation and critical data safe from a potential breach. Xentra can help you gain this valuable accreditation to further enhance your security reach.


Xentra’s technical specialists work alongside our customers to ensure compliance with your SAQ and to evidence that you are conducting best practices when it comes to testing and vulnerability scanning to monitor and identify any potential weak areas within your security infrastructure.

IASME Governance

A alternative, or stepping stone to the international ISO 27001 accreditation. IASME Governance can be a critical step for many companies to begin demonstrating evidence of their cyber security responsibilities.

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