Safeguarding & Student Wellness

Navigating the ever-changing responsibilities for the safeguarding and wellbeing of students within a school has become a joint responsibility, one which needs to leverage the user of forward-thinking technology to provide pertinent data for the online behaviour of children


Real-time Alerts

Being able to see real-time data for your students which relates to their mental health and wellness allows you to fully deliver a duty of care in your school. With much of a young persons life being played out in the online space, we see regular indicators to when a student may be struggling using innovative AI technology, which allows for early intervention and mediation.

Sentiment Analysis

Online activity isn’t always easily detectable when relating to safeguarding risk, with varying acronyms and codes used amongst students when speaking with each other online or searching the web, the ability to understand the sentiment of online text is imperative to understand what your students are experiencing. Detecting negative sentiments in text and an early stage can often be the difference when identifying a safeguarding concern

Ensuring KCSIE compliance

With Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) guidelines being adapted to put more emphasis on the safeguarding team within schools to utilise filtering and monitoring software, it is crucial to ensure your teams are working together to deliver an effective online safeguarding strategy. Involving key stakeholders across the school, Xentra can work with you to deliver and evidence compliance with KCSIE guidelines.

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