Building a technology infrastructure which is unique to your needs

Dealing with the specificities of compliance, data processing and performance is individual to an organisation, especially spanning differing industries. Xentra understand that technology is a core component of helping you achieve, attain and surpass these nuances and we provide industry specific solutions to meet your needs.

Private Equity

By harnessing the power of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, Xentra equips private equity firms with the agility and foresight needed to navigate complex challenges and capitalize on lucrative opportunities. With Xentra as their strategic technology partner, private equity companies can confidently embrace the future, knowing they have the innovative solutions necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving market.


Understanding the further specificities of the varying types of Educational establishments, Xentra work closely with schools on their Cyber Security & Safeguarding strategies. Providing real-time data and solutions to protect students and equip them to excel on their learning journey is a critical part of our business. Our aim is to deliver leading tools for educators, provide support and guidance for IT departments and optimise resources within, what can be, a challenging sector to secure funding for what is necessary.


With a deep understanding of the unique challenges within the legal sector, Xentra focuses on innovative products which put sensitive data at the forefront of our planning journey. Streamlining workflows whilst enhancing the capability for collaboration amongst your workforce is always a crucial part of how we deliver for our clients in the legal sector. Furthermore we provide the data required for compliance to ensure your company is protected against potential malicious cyber attacks.


Typically running with limited resources in IT but having to ensure that agile workforces are equipped with the technology and systems to succeed, small to medium enterprises are typically not able to adopt the best technology innovations on the market. Xentra use our purpose built pricing frameworks to ensure that Enterprise grade technology is accessible to the SME market, so you don’t have to compromise.


Larger teams which would typically span multiple locations and have a wider number of job roles and responsibilities opens up potential gaps in security and performance. Being able to understand the Macro and Micro detail of your strategy, what drives top-line company performance and the risks on the front line to this ensures that we can best deliver the technologies which keep your work force protected and proficient.

Elite Sport

Xentra work with sports teams across multiple disciplines to fine-tune technology decisions which are critical to Elite sporting teams. Once again, data is a key asset for our customers in this space and protecting that data is crucial. Ensuring that streamlined technical cadences are in play allow our teams to focus winning instead of worrying about how detrimental a potential malicious attack could be to their organisation.

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Working with Xentra

Here’s how we start every conversation, by listening to what you need to achieve. From here, we can follow the steps in our engagement model to ensure a success model for your technology investment and an ongoing cadence of data point reviews to ensure optimal performance at all times


Assess the customer requirement, risk factors & desired outcomes


Plan the technology deliver, products & services included and structure success criteria - Risk, Budget, Resource


Prove the value of the proposition through a cadence of success criteria management & service delivery


Deploy the agreed upon solutions, introduce key stakeholders & include in customer journey


Perform to exceed outcomes, high support SAT scores, roviding dataled evidence & nurturing customer engagement and relationship


Assess ongoing posture, gaps and potential up-sell/cross-sell opportunities by enhancing relationship with Xentra

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